Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hunter Bowen Howell

I don't really have anything to talk about today, but as promised, wanted to post pictures of my beautiful new cousin (?). I don't really know what to call him...I guess cousin will do...he is the son of my 1st cousin, Michael. Honestly, he feels more like a nephew, as me, Michael, Mandy, and Whit have always been so close. Anyway, here he is...and don't think I'm prejudiced to just us--the only picture I have of him and his Momma is with her head turned. I will get a picture of her beautiful self up eventually! (love you Susan!)

As you can see, he is being rasied right! Roll Tide, Hunter!

The Howell men--daddy Michael, brother Duke, Hunter, granddaddy Randy (don't know what he'll call him), and the best uncle in the world, Whit

Hunter and Daddy--can you see the resemblence?

Hunter and K.K. (at least that's what Aidan calls her)

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