Sunday, March 1, 2009

My new best friend

I have a new best friend. Her name is Lane Bryant. I haven't shopped there for a while, and Tuesday I went in to look around after I washed and dried my favorite blue jeans for what I didn't know at the time would the last. When I took them out of the dryer, there was a hole in the seat. Oh well, I definitely got my money's worth out of them, as I have been wearing them for the last 3 years! The last few times I bought jeans from there I didn't really care for them, but since my body has morphed since having Rhae, I thought I would give them another try. I sure am glad I did! This company REALLY know how to make a big girl feel good about herself! Want to know what size I wear now? A 6!! They have a system they call RightFit. There are 3 different types depending on your body is for straight people, yellow is for slightly curvy, and blue is fr extremely curvy. The sizes start at a 1!! Not only is the number great, but the fit is magnicent! I can't remember the last time I put on a pair of jeans that fit EVERY part of my body. Usually by the time I find some that fit my hips and thighs, the waist is ridiculous! I ended up buying 2 pairs, but will most likely buy a few more soon. They also have pants in this line. I also got a new sweater, a new shirt, and 2 new bras. AND, to top it all off, they gave me 20% off JUST for applying for a line of credit. You don't have to be approved...they give it to you just for applying! So of course, I did!

We haven't had a lot going on lately. Aidan has another ear infection. Same one that has been infected 3 other times since November. Chu thinks it is probably an allergy, so we have him on some new medicine. Rhae's nose won't stop running, so she is on allergy medicine now too. She doesn't seem bothered by her breaks, though she has found a way to manuever herself with the smallest amount of contact to the areas. We are due for a treatment Tuesday, so keep her in your prayers that everything goes as good as last time. We don't want to have more than one IV stick this time. Also pray that it stays in and the treatment goes well. She really seems to be feeling bad the last 2 days, so I am thinking she is starting to have some bone pain. Good news is, though, it has been longer than it usually is before she starts to hurt.

For those of you not from around here, our weather has been crazy the last few days. Friday we were under a tornado warning and had torrential rain and small hail. This morning, we woke up to snow. Unfortunately, Rhae had a horrible night, so by the time I woke up it was gone and I didn't get pictures. Of course, they wouldn't have compared to the pictures from last year's snow! Aidan was excited of course, but it really wasn't enough to play in. I did get to see it fall most of the early morning though (2:30 to 6:00), and that is what I like...otherwise I hate snow!

So that's about it for now. Just an FYI, we no longer allow Aidan to sleep in the least that is what you would think from the following pics:

Also, here is Rhae's new thing. Of course, the video is not that great because she freezes anytime a camera comes around and won't do what you want her to. But, I was lucky enough to catch a little clip of it! Now, I'm just trying to get her to do it when I say Roll Tide! She's also clapping her hands now! I'll have to try to get a video and add that later.

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