Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Good Day

Ok, so I know you're thinking...WHAT?!?!?! 3 posts in one week! Don't get used to it because you know it won't last! :) Rhae had a fair night last night. Her pain wasn't any better, I just think the 5 hour joyride we took yesterday wore her out. She gets so uncomfortable in her carseat and we usually make plenty of time to have her out in between coming and going so that it isn't a terrible trip on her, but our circumstances were a little different yesterday. So with Valium, Lortab, and Motrin and being worn out, it was a little better. We woke up this morning and just started slowly getting ready. I was a little nervous, but very anxious, about getting the splint put on. I didn't want Aidan to have to tag along because he gets so bored, and also I didn't know how bad it would be and he has been traumatized by the whole arm deal enough already. So I called my friend Beth who has 3 boys and asked if Aidan could hang out with them for a while. She is so wonderful and always so willing to help anyway she can!

So Rhae and I took off for Dr. Chu's office, and when we got there, she was already becoming miserable. I gave her a dose of Lortab to help calm her a little (she had already had some valium earlier) and help when they put the splint on. She was so pitiful...she just cried and laid her little head on my shoulder, trying to doze off, but would wake up crying like she has been doing at night. Everybody commented on how she must be hurting and miserable because she was not herself. Well, we go back and Chu measured her arm for the splint, which is made out of lightweight fiberglass covered by a gauzy covering. We unwrapped her, and it only took about 5 minutes to get the splint fitted to her arm and then it was wrapped with an Ace bandage. Before the fiberglass was applied, Dr. Chu wet it and then wrapped it, and as it dried, it hardened into a stiff splint. It covers the outside of her arm from the top of the shoulder down around her elbow and extends under her forearm to her wrist. Like I mentioned, it is then wrapped with an Ace. A sling was devised out of a stockinette that is used to cover these normally, which I eventually had to remove because if kept slipping off. Well, let me tell you. Rhae fussed the whole time we were putting the splint on, not as much out of pain, but more like she was aggravated because she had no support on the arm. Well, I sat her up on the table, and lo and behold, my baby reappeared!! She was smiling and laughing and talking to everybody in the room, and was holding her little arm up (which looks like it is a cast) for everybody to see! We went back out into the office area, and EVERYBODY commented on how much more comfortable and happy she was! she was smiling and talking and showing off, as normal! Everybody made the comment that they should ALL go hug Dr. Chu's neck for "fixing Rhae!" They are so used to seeing her in full force and can't stand for her to be sick! I swear, it's like a huge extended family up there (some even claim to be aunts and cousins! :)

So Rhae stayed fairly happy the rest of the day, really up until about 7:30, and I think she just didn't have any pain medicine in her system and her little arm probably was sore, because the splint is still a little heavy and I worry about it making her shoulder sore. She went to bed around 9:30 and it has been 2 hours and I have heard very little out of her!

The other part of my day that made is so wonderful, is when I got home with Rhae, I saw I had missed a call from my friend, Brittany. I called her back and she informed me we were going somewhere tonight, either to dinner or to have our nails done. Well, seeing she has the passion for Mexican like I do, of course I chose dinner! She picked me up at about 5:30 and we headed to our favorite El Ranchero Loco. We had yummy chips and dip and cheese sauce, and then she ordered a fajita taco and I ordered a fajita quesadilla, which when they came, we decided the only difference was her tortilla was wrapped and mine was folded! We had great food and great conversation, and it was nice to be an adult having a nice dinner with another adult again, especially since I didn't have to correct anybody every other bite, or try to entertain someone to keep them from crying! So, we finish our dinner and Brittany asks if I have to be home by a certain time. I tell her no and she says we're going somewhere else! Yippy! Well, bless her heart, she took me to get a pedicure! The thing that touched me about it more than anything was that she didn't even get one...just me! It made me feel very pampered and cared about! :) Thanks, Britt! I told you I don't have a big inner circle, but you are quickly working your way in!

So that's been my good day, and I have to tell you, I feel so much better. I'm still tired, but I didn't feel like I had to fight my demons all day...thanks to everyone who said a special prayer for me! I feel things are finally starting to look up in the Busby household!

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Melissa Swartley said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad Rhae is doing a bit better now! It's amazing how our kiddos can lift up thir broken limbs and show off their casts and splints right after getting them applied! After Sonya had her arm casted she would lift it up, show it off and then slam it into the nearest peice of furniture or wall to hear the loud thump it would make. She thought it was funny, it pretty much scared me! LOL! Wow, sounds like you had a nice night getting pampered too! You deserve every bit of it too! Pedicures are so awesome for some relaxation after all that stress! Kuddos to Brittany!!!:)