Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What a week...and we're only halfway through!

Well, it's been an interesting week in the Busby household. Things started out kind of slow on Monday. We got up and got ready and headed to the library for story time. We listened to 3 stories about pirates, and Aidan won a bubble sword, which of course is too cool! We then headed to the bank to take care of some business and went to Napoleon's for lunch--yum yum! After that, we headed back home to just relax for a while. Jay called and...let me interupt the story to state that a few months ago, we learned that (I say this sheepishly) the WWE (wrestling) would be coming to Birmingham. Aidan has really gotten into this crazy soap-opera drama, so Jay and I have been letting him watch it on Monday and Friday nights only when one of us watch it with him to make sure nothing gets too inappropriate. It's really not that bad, and definitely not any more violent than many of the shows and cartoons on TV now that are geared toward children. It's actually quite funny and entertaining--like a soap opera sans the sex scenes! Ok, back to my story. So we had considered getting tickets at one time, because they are very inexpensive, but opted not too because it was so far off. Well, Jay called Monday afternoon and said he was wondering if they would have any tickets left. I had thought about it too, because we are always trying to think of things for Aidan because it is hard to find things to do with Rhae. So I looked on the internet, and they had some tickets left and they sounded like good seats and very affordable. Well, I decided nothing would tickle my Aidan more than to be able to see these men in person, so I started typing in my payment info. Just as I hit the accept button to purchase the tickets, it happened. Several of you already know, but for those of you who don't, Rhae has been pulling up and sitting on her lower legs and playing for the last several weeks. She loves to be able to do this as it gives her some independence and gets her up off the floor. She has pretty good balance, so it hasn't been an issue. Well, she was sitting up like this at the hearth looking at her little books and I'm not sure if she pushed back or exactly what happened, but somehow, she tumped over backwards, and when she did, her left arm broke her fall (no pun intended). Aidan and I both heard what I now believe is the worst sound I have ever heard in my life. There was a POP--loud and sharp, similar to breaking a stick or chicken bone--and I knew it was broken. I jumped up and grabbed her up, pinning the arm between the two of us to immobilize. Before I picked her up, I realized it was likely displaced by the look of the way the arm was laying, at almost a 90 degree angle in the middle of her upper arm, above the elbow. I was worried about her possibly needing surgery if it was severely displaced. Aidan heard the sound as well and immediately began crying. So here all 3 of us are crying and me trying to calm everybody down. I convinced Aidan to stop crying because I needed help and he went right into crisis mode. It absolutely amazed me, as well as made me sad. I'm so glad he was here, because I couldn't have handled it by myself, but it breaks my heart that my 6 year old has had to grow up so quick and be able to handle these types of things. He got the phone and called my Daddy for me so I could have him come pick us up to go get an xray. He then called Jay's work so I could leave a message to let jay know what happened and where we were. I had on a tank top and mentioned I needed to get a shirt. He asked which shirt I wanted, went and found it, then came back and when I said i didn't know how I would get it on because I didn't want to lay Rhae down, he told me to bend down and he would put it on me, which he proceeded to do. He then gathered up our bags, shoes, everything we needed and helped me outside. I'm so proud of him! We went on up to Chu's office and had the xray done, which I will warn you now, I am posting at the end of this, so if you don't want to see it, stop at the end of my story! Linde, who is always so wonderful and always seems to be there during our crises, called Omaha for me and talked with Dr. Esposito, who suggested no surgery but just immobilizing the arm. So now, Rhae has her little arm wrapped to her chest with a bulky Ace bandage and is miserable not being able to have 2 hands. I have been giving her Lortab around the clock and Valium and Motrin several times a day, so I am keeping her fairly comfortable. Nights are a different story.

I told Jay it was important to me for Aidan to go on to the wrestling match, #1, to help him get his mind off what he had seen, and #2, to help him realize that Rhae is not always priority, and even when something bad happens, he can still do things that are important to him. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in our situation. So, Aidan and Jay went on to Birmingham and had a BLAST! Jay said it was a lot of fun, Aidan was flipping out, and the seats could not have been better if we had bought them weeks before the event instead of 5 hours before it started! Aidan came home the next morning (2am) all smiles telling me about all the cool stuff they had seen and everything that had happened! It really brought a smile to my face (even if it was wretling), that my baby had been able to enjoy something he loves so much!

Since then, we have just been in slow motion I think. Rhae is trying to adjust to this arm and it has not been easy. I'm still hearing that sound that I never expected to hear from her bones and I swear, it's almost like it haunts me. We are adjusting to having to do everything different and hopefully tomorrow we will get out in the car seat if we can figure it out! If not, oh well!!

I hate to be selfish, but this post, I'm just going to ask for some personal prayers. Please pray that Rhae remains comfortable and healing comes quickly. Pray that this does not traumatize Aidan, because it still seems to be bothering him. Also, my Daddy is having a minor procedure done next Wednesday, but because of his low platelet count, it makes it a little more involved. He will receive platelets during the procedure and they will watch him closely for infection afterwards. Please pray that God will give his surgeon a skillful hand, that all involved will properly wash their hands, and that the platelets will take and he will be fine. Thanks!

This is actually her left arm, but the film is turned around backwards.

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Melissa Swartley said...

Hi there! Melissa mom to Sonya from OI Parents here! I came across your blog through Debbie, Neil and Ethan's! I'm so sorry to hear that Rhae broke her arm! Poor kiddo! Sonya just landed herself in a spica this past weekend. That bone pop sound is haunting! You must be so proud of your big helper! I am completely amazed by his strength and all his help! We will keep you all in our prayers! I hope Rhae starts to feel better soon!
Melissa mom to Sonya 16 1/2 months type 3/4 moderate. P.S. can we follow your blog? We are at