Saturday, December 20, 2008

No time!

I really do try to find time to keep this blog updated, but it just seems I have no time. I think there is a Black Hole out there that somehow sucks time out of a parent's day. So, I have a lot to catch up on, it's been a busy month. I know my posts can get really long sometimes, so if you don't like them, stop here because this will probably be a doozy! Ok, so here we go...

Our December started off like every other one for so many years...CHRISTMAS ON THE RIVER! I remember how excited I was to take Aidan for his first COTR parade, but this year definitely trumped that because not only did I get to see Aidan enjoy another parade, I also got to watch Halle at her first parade and Rhae at her second, though it was more like her first, because the Homecoming parade isn't anything compared to this! Let me just say, if you've never experienced a COTR weekend, you should definitely fit it in your schedule next year! We bundled up Saturday morning and headed over to the Rogers' house as we have for the past 5 years. They are such gracious hosts, always providing a loving envioronment, great food, and an awesome spot for watching the parade. Below are some pictures from the day.

I'm so ready!

Halle seemed a little unsure, but sure did enjoy herself once the parade started.

It's almost time!

Next came Rhae's appointment with our new orthopaedic doctor. We have seen 2 orthos at Children's and I just haven't been pleased. Truth be known, I was pretty downright disgusted! The first doctor was nice but seemed a little inexperienced and I was just a little put off by him. Next came the doctor we saw with Aidan and really liked, but when it came to this...NO! Rhae was 5 months old when we saw him and he acted like we shouldn't know anything about OI, found it strange that we weren't carrying her on a pillow or board, became a little testy when I began questioning him, and then tried to get us to go to South Carolina to the Shriner's Hospital there where he just raved about how good their OI care is. Well, the parent's who are on are web group that have been there say they are no good at all. I was really starting to feel defeated and thinking we might as well suck it up and get to either Omaha or Montreal. I decided to schedule an appointment with one more doctor who I had always heard good things about as a last ditch effort. The day I scheduled our appointment, his nurse practitioner talked on the phone with me for 45 minutes. I was impressed not only with her spending that much time talking to me, but also with the way she was answering my questions. I also like the fact that there is an NP there. So, we saw Dr. Killian on the 9th and I am VERY pleased. I knew that when I found the right doctor I would know (like I have with the others) and I was right. He had a wonderfully nice staff, we didn't wait too long (not that it would have mattered), and dr. Killian spent a good bit of time in the room with us, regardless of the fact that it was lunchtime! I didn't feel like he was rushing our visit, I didn't feel like he thought I was an idiot and shouldn't know about my daughter's condition, and he actually examined Rhae. The first one didn't touch her, the second one lifted her dress and looked at her chest, but Dr. Killian requested we strip her to her diaper, and then he felt every part of her body. It was neat watching him. You could see everything he touched, he did with a little pressure to see if she responded, and then proceeded to FEEL the shape of her bones, not just depend on x-rays. He asked about her head control, then sat her up and held her to see how it was. He talked about several different things concerning OI, told us he felt like she would walk eventually, though her biggest obstacle would be the right tibia and fibula bowing. We talking about splinting and surgery, and he compared her xrays from birth with the most recent ones, pointing out several things. I know he really took us seriously and wants to help us. I'm so happy. And of course, as anywhere else we go, everybody fell in love with Rhae...not only because she is so absolutely beautiful, but because she also has the personality to match.

Later that week, we had Aidan's "friend" birthday party. We have a LARGE family, and decided this year, we would let Aidan have 2 for friends only and the other for family. It worked out REAL well, as there are about 28 members of our family. We had his 1st party at Batter Up, a local sports eatery. We had all the boys come in their favorite sports jersey, and I am proud to say, that Alabama beat Auburn yet again! Aidan had a football cake that was yummy and the boys ate chicken fingers and fries and had a ball just being boys.

Aidan and Jacob

This is pretty much how Aidan looked the whole night!

Aidan blows out his candles as Harris, Jim, and Luke look on.

Jim and Luke's adorable little brother, Ben.

We had Aidan's "family" party at the house on Tuesday night, his real birthday. I can't believe my baby is 6 years old!! After getting Aidan off to school that morning, I patted out 34 hamburger patties and made a cake. Aidan wanted a baseball cake and I think I did pretty good. Those of you who know me know that I'm a fairly good cook, but i'm no baker. However, everyone assured me the cake was delicious, and I thought it was pretty good too, considering I made it! Aidan loved how it looked and I was excited that I was able to pull through and make what he wanted. We had most of the family here that night along with some "should be family members" and Aidan got a lot of nice things. He was very happy, as the pictures below show.

The cake! (not bad, huh?)

You know, somebody really should tell me how bad I look before they take my picture!
(Thanks, Beck Beck)

Ever notice how you can always count on a Wilson for guaranteed fun? :)

Ok, so I told you this was going to get lengthy, and I figure if you're still here, you MUST love us! So, to reward you, here are some pictures that I LOVE! The first three are some we took while trying to find that "just right" picture for our Christmas card (is there really such a thing?). The next is a picture of Rhae sitting solo for the first time. Granted, it's not by herself, but she was happy (as you can see) to do it with no one attached to her! Thanks to cousin Halle for letting us borrow her Bumbo. Rhae was able to tolerate it for 14 minutes, which is much more than I expected...she's just so determined! The last two pictures I took last night and love them. Every year, MiMi has sent Aidan a Christmas-themed stuffed animal before Christmas. This year, he got a cute ice skating reindeer (which he loves!) that is as big as Rhae, and Rhae got a little reindeer holding a baby reindeer, and it's not much smaller than she is! :) Rhae also has on her Santa Claus jammies that MiMi sent her. The last one...well, I just love the look my children get on their faces when they are together. And if my pictures aren't proof enough of the power of sibling love, then I've included some videos! It amazes me that Rhae knows Aidan is her brother as young as she is. Isn't it neat how siblings know one another? I often look at them and wonder if Mandy and I were like that when we were little (I know I feel that way about her now).

I'm still not sure what exactly is so funny about this!

The sweetest raspberries are not ALWAYS a fruit!

Merry Christmas!!

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